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The little red hen

The little red hen

Pilar Martínez
Marco Somà
36 Pages 22 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-810-9
Price: €13.00

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She found some grains of wheat, she planted them, she cut the wheat, she went to the mill, she baked the bread... But neither the dog nor the cat nor the duck helped her to do all that work, they were so idle and lazy.
Little Cat And The Ball
Playing alone or in a team? How many shared emotions Little Cat was missing before meeting Duck, Squirrel, Rabbit and Hedgehog.
Little cat and the snow
White as snow, black as coal. The friendship between Little Cat and Rabbit is the paradigm of the integration of two species that, the same as the persons, can be both equal and different.


David Pintor
64 Pages 25 x 17 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-751-5
Price: €15.00

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A visual route all along the most emblematic, modern and historical places of Santiago de Compostela, a fascinating city that invites people to return there. With a look full of fantasy, this trip book will show the other magic and evocative face of its landscape.