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Milu's dog

Milu's dog

Mariann Máray
32 Pages 24,5 x 21,5 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-213-8
Price: €0.00
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Fluffy is the great playmate of a girl; she's delighted with her peculiar pet. The XII International Compostela Prize is a story about love for animals, unconditional friendship and freedom.
Amelia wants a dog

Amelia wants a dog

Tim Bowley
André Neves
36 Pages 22 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-680-8
Price: €13.00

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Amelia's quirks are in perfect harmony with her cunning. If the grown-ups say 'no', what better strategy than to ask for the impossible? A tale of unconventional, child-proof pets.
So close

So close

Natalia Colombo
36 Pages 20 x 20 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-681-5
Price: €12.00

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With simplicity of substance and form, The winning entry of the 1st International Compostela Prize for Picture Books is a contemporary fable about isolation, a poetic reflection on people and their emotions.
Nunu's games

Nunu's games

Cally Stronk
Constance v. Kitzing
14 Pages 16 x 16 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-345-6
Price: €7.00

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Playing with the ball, the puzzle or the pieces of construction, the small elephant discovers the importance of the individual and collective games.