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So close

So close

Natalia Colombo
36 Pages 20 x 20 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-681-5
Price: €12.00

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With simplicity of substance and form, The winning entry of the 1st International Compostela Prize for Picture Books is a contemporary fable about isolation, a poetic reflection on people and their emotions.
Little cat and the holidays
Different types of families and social situations are represented in thispicture book, with the focus on the summer, the beach, the mountains andholidays in general and on another way of enjoying our leisure time.
Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson

Ana Fernández-Abascal
Flavio Morais
16 Pages 17,5 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-15250-13-5
Price: €10.00

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Picture books make us happy. Less telvision, more reading and adventures. This is a round story for enjoying with its rhymes, drawings and jokes. Specially recommendes for very small children.
The C family

The C family

Pep Bruno
Mariona Cabassa
32 Pages 22 x 22 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-744-7
Price: €13.00

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The 3rd Compostela International Prize for Picture Books takes us to the one and only circus show with a very particular family. A very imaginative book that joins reality and fiction. Acrobats, tamers, jugglers, clowns... the greyest day will become the most colourful staying with them!
A big dream

A big dream

Felipe Ugalde
36 Pages 27 x 21 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-8464-684-6
Price: €15.00
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The winning picture book of the 2nd International Compostela Prize is a literary gem, a micro-tale of technical perfection, accessible to readers of all ages. There are phosphorescent elements on the cover.